Happy Hot Pot in Point Cook

Happy Hot Pot in Point Cook

Now that autumn is here, it pays to have a tummy warming meal every now and then. We find that the good old fashioned hot pot does the trick wonderfully.

Whenever we have the craving for chicken soup with tons of delectable ingredients, we head for Happy Hot Pot in Point Cook. The food is good and the best bit is that you get to choose your own soup stock and ingredients. It is a clean and no frills restaurant serving food that satisfies.

Location: Shop 11/48 Windorah Dr, Point Cook VIC 3030

Website: https://www.happycow.net/reviews/happy-hot-pot-point-cook-231677

Display of big range of fresh ingredients

Service is quick and fuss free. You simply walk in and pick up a big plastic bowl. Choosing from a wide menu of fresh ingredients from the display shelves, you fill up your plastic container and then make payment at the counter. The price of the meal is based on the weight of the container you filled. You specify the soup base you want and 10 minutes later, a steaming big bowl is served at your table!

Our bowl of hot pot with chicken stock and heaps of yummy ingredients
Chicken liver and duck blood cubes!
Who can resist the yummy liver slices and egg noodles?

For our recent visit, we chose the chicken soup base with our usual favourites such as beef slices, fish slices, various veggies, bamboo shoots, tofu pieces, egg noodles, chicken heart and liver slices and even duck blood cubes!

The quality of the food served has been consistent with each visit.

Do go check it out one cold day…. your tummy will thank you for it!

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