About Us

We are migrants from Singapore enjoying life in the world’s most liveable city! Every day is a new opportunity for discovery and learning in Melbourne where we have called home for more than a decade.

From wide eyed and anxious new migrants in the early years, we bravely battered initial feelings of isolation, fear of the unfamiliar & joblessness. As we grew to learn and adapt to this new host city, we have blossomed to embrace the various challenges of migration.

Home is no longer a HDB flat but a house in the suburbs. The relentless need for the 5 Cs are but a distant memory. Exploring the Grampians or taking a drive along the Great Ocean Road now appeal to us more than weekend shopping in the Orchard Road malls.

So come join us as we blog about all things Melbournian, and about the joys & quirks of living in Down Under!