An Uyghur Cuisine Restaurant in Point Cook

Dolan Silk Road

While walking around Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre one weekend, we came across a newly set up restaurant serving Uyghur cuisine! Our curiosity won over us and we walked right in.

the clean & inviting restaurant interior

Location: 28/300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook VIC 3030


It was right before the lunch time peak period so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The interior is tastefully done up with displays of items from the Uyghur culture.

We saw that there are 2 other outlets in the chain (one in Boxhill Victoria and one in Hobart Tasmania).

Many dishes in the extensive menu were new to us. After some deliberation, we chose the Beef & Rice Cake with XO Sauce and the Special Uyghur Meat Pie.

Beef & Rice Cakes in XO Sauce

First to arrive was the Beef & Rice Cake with XO sauce. The serving was large and the beef pieces were plentiful. We enjoyed the dish but did find the rice cake pieces to be a wee bit starchy.

Special Uyghur Meat Pie

The meat pie arrived soon after. It was served on a round wooden tray. The heavenly smell from the juicy meat inside the pie caught our senses immediately. Tucking into the savoury meat filled pieces became the highlight of that day.  

In all, we were happy that we took a chance to try a cuisine we have never encountered before. There are still many items on the menu left to discover.

Why don’t you pay the restaurant a visit and let us know of your experience?

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