Punjabi By Nature in Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre

Punjabi By Nature Restaurant

We were walking through Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre and suddenly we spotted a new restaurant that seemed to have sprung up overnight.

Punjabi By Nature serves Tandoor, Indo-Chinese and Dosa dishes. Hmmm .. what’s not to like? So off we went inside.

Location: Shop 48 / 300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, VIC 3030

Website: https://www.punjabibynature.com.au/copy-of-pakenham

The amazing decor inside

The owners did a good job with the interior décor. We were amazed that even the ceiling boards have been painted green.

A quick look at the menu later, we settled for a plate of Tandoori Mix Grill and a serve of Chicken 65 Briyani. We also ordered the Mango Lassi.

Tandoori Mix Grill

First to arrive was the Tandoori Mix Grill. Presentation wise, it was flawless. The meat pieces smelt heavenly and went great together with the mint sauce. One could smell the aroma from the oven itself on the meats.

Chicken 65 Briyani

The Chicken 65 Briyani took a while to arrive and when it did, it was worth the wait. The basmati rice was fluffy and flavourful, without the greasy heaviness found in other restaurants. The chicken pieces were tender and well marinated.

Mango Lassi

Oh, the Mango Lassi was creamy with the real mango taste. Well done!

In all, we were pleased to have stumbled on this new establishment and will definitely be back to savour the other dishes on the menu.

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