Little Miss Violet Café in Point Cook

Little Miss Violet Cafe

If you are after a quirky café that serves Western dishes as well as Asian foods, look no further than the cutesy Little Miss Violet Café at Point Cook.

It is a clean and no frills restaurant serving food that satisfies.

Name: Little Miss Violet Cafe

Location: Shop 9 / 48 Windorah Dr, Point Cook VIC 3030


We made a lunch reservation and boy were we glad we did. The place was simply bustling when we arrived!

Front counter of the Little Miss Violet Cafe

We quickly ordered our drinks consisting of a Long Black in both hot and cold brews, as well as a Very Berry Smoothie.

Hot and Cold Long Blacks and a Very Berry Smoothie

Mains consisted of a dish called The Galbi. It was quite a sight to behold.

Marinated pork pieces came paired with a generous serving of salads and seasoned rice.

Very tasty and the dish was a treat to both the tastebuds and the eyes.

The Galbi

For desert, we opted for The Ricotta Hotcake. The sweet cake was a grand ending to an enjoyable meal at this café.

The Ricotta Sweet Cake

Do check it out whenever you are in the western suburbs.

You won’t be disappointed!

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