An Authentic Sichuan Hot Pot Restaurant in the Western Suburbs

Sichuan Hot Pot

If you are after an authentic and spicy Sichuan Hot Pot meal, David’s Hot Pot might just hit the spot for you. The restaurant has a few outlets and we were pleased that one opened in the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre recently.

Location: Shop 74/300 Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre Point Cook Road, 3030


Vegetables Como & Seafood Combo

Having seen many YouTube videos of Sichuan styled hot pot dinners, we popped into David’s Hot Pot Restaurant one evening to satisfy our curiosity.

Customer service at the door was quick and courteous. In no time, we were ushered to an empty table. The waitress took pains to explain the various items on the menu. For the hot pot soup base, we chose the famed beef tallow soup base (spicy!) and the much milder pork bone soup base.

For the ingredients to go into the hot pot, we ordered the seafood combo and the vegetables combo. Diners may also help themselves to many different sauces.

It was quite a sight to see the soup bases bubbling away in the hot pot on our table. A meal such as this is more fun if you have a group of friends to share the food with.

Chilli Oil & Pepper Corns Galore!
Yummy Pork Bone Soup Base

It was certainly an eye opening experience to enjoy this Sichuan cuisine. One word of caution though, the spicy beef tallow soup base is fiery hot. The red chilli oil and pepper corns will set your mouth tingling.

Overall, in between gulping lots of water to cool our tongues, we enjoyed ourselves.

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