Best Chestnuts in Victoria


In autumn, few things could beat the bliss of tucking into hot chestnuts on a cold day. In our opinion, the best chest nuts come from Sawyer Road Chestnuts. This farm has a huge following of loyal customers (ourselves included!).   

Name: Sawyer Road Chestnuts



Sawyer Road Chestnuts

Chestnut aficionados can place online orders with the farm through its dedicated website or its Facebook page. There is a minimum order quantity and very reasonable shipping fee for its chestnuts that come in various sorted sizes. We got our delivery not too long ago.

The quality of nuts this year did not disappoint and our way of cooking involves boiling them in water followed by roasting in the oven or air-fryer.

First start by using a small serrated knife to cut slits across the surface of each chestnut. You may wish to wear gloves to work on the slippery nuts to prevent accidentally cutting your fingers.

Note: The main reason for creating the slits is to facilitate peeling of the cooked nuts and also to prevent them from exploding while inside the oven or air-fryer (real life personal experience!).

Next, boil them in water for 10 minutes and then chuck them in an oven or air-fryer set at 180 degrees for a further 15 minutes.

You will be rewarded with aromatic chestnuts that are oh so easy to peel.

Pop one in your mouth and you will be hooked like us!

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