Affordable Asian Restaurant in Point Cook

Kampung Story

Without the need to travel too far from Melbourne, you can find many quality Asian restaurants serving up authentic dishes that will satisfy your cravings for food back home. Situated in the suburb of Point Cook within the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Kampung Story Restaurant has been quietly serving up affordable meals for a good number of years now.

Kampung Story Restaurant

Location: 45 / 300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, VIC 3030.


The restaurant has a wide menu range which can be found here:

However, if you are after value for money meals that are tasty and come in relatively big serves, you can’t go wrong with their set meals priced at $13.50 each. These come with a main dish, a choice of drink and choice of sides.

During our last visit, we ordered a Nasi Goreng Set with side of fried spring rolls and a glass of iced lemon tea and also a Char Kway Teow Set with side of fried spring rolls and a glass of iced lemon tea. We have been patronising the restaurant for years now and the food quality has been consistent.

First on the table was the Nasi Goreng.

nasi goreng
Nasi Goreng … sedap!

It was freshly fried upon order and the aroma of the wok (wok hei) was most welcomed. Big chunks of chicken and prawns could be found buried within the mountain of rice. Not overly spicy by default, do feel free to ask that extra spice be added if that is your thing.

Next came the Char Kway Teow, again only freshly prepared upon order.

fried kway teow
Char Kway Teow

Generous pieces of whole prawns and fish cakes could be found in this dish. Do ask for extra spice if you need a good kick in your fried kway teow. Kampung Story’s version of this popular hawker dish may not be the best out there but it certainly was good enough to keep us coming back.

fried spring rolls
Fried Spring Rolls

Fried vegetarian spring rolls was our choice of sides that came with both the set meals. Crispy and golden brown, they had a sweet dipping sauce to accompany them. What’s not to like?

iced lemon tea
Iced Lemon Tea

The iced lemon tea was a good way to round up the meal. We could see slices of lemon in the drinks and they were not overly sweet.

At the end of the meal, we left satisfied, knowing full well the restaurant has done what it has been doing for a long time. That is, serving up affordable dishes that remind us of home.

Do give it a try the next time you find yourself in the Wild Wild West!

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