Wok Wok BBQ & Chinese Cuisine in Williams Landing

Wok Wok BBQ & Chinese Cuisine

One long time Chinese restaurant at Williams Landing is the Wok Wok BBQ & Chinese Cuisine. It is a cozy place without the flash and high prices of the more upmarket eating places.

Wok Wok BBQ & Chinese Cuisine

Name: Wok Wok BBQ & Chinese Cuisine

Location: Shop 24B, Williams Landing Shopping Centre, 102 Overton Road, Williams Landing, VIC 3027.

Website: http://www.wokwok.com.au/

For our latest foray there, we ordered just 2 simple rice dishes.

The combination meats with rice (soy chicken and BBQ pork) was served quickly after the order was placed. One could hear the chef chopping the meat cuts prior. The soy chicken pieces were tender and the BBQ pork tasty with the layers of crispy skin, fat and meat.

The spicy mapo tofu with rice came soon after. The delicious spiciness of the chilli used wafted to our noses even before we caught sight of the dish. It is a down to earth popular food done well.

By the way, the restaurant also serves dim sum.

We had congee and steamed buns on previous occasions and they did not disappoint.

Overall, Wok Wok is a non pretentious establishment that has been around for years, doing  Chinese cuisine well.  

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