Turpins Falls, Langley

Turpin Falls

Occasionally, when we are in the mood for a bit of walking (more like hiking up and down slopes), we head out to regional Victoria to explore waterfalls.

When the ring of steel of between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria was removed due to the easing of lockdown restrictions in early November 2020, we took the opportunity to drive out to Turpins Falls, Langley, which is located in the Macedon Ranges. Since then, we heard that access to the waterfall is closed due to poor road conditions and safety concerns at the waterfall.

Location: Shillidays Road, Langley, VIC, Australia
Facebook: Turpins Falls
Website: Visit Macedon Ranges, Turpins Falls

About Turpins Falls

This is an lovely, peaceful location where you can swim beneath the waterfall.

When you reach the bottom of the walk, you will be looking out over an area filled with large stones, boulders and huge natural structures of tree roots and fallen logs. Beyond this lies the beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous cliffs. The waterfall drops over the cliff across the lake from the rocky area, and a creek winds off to the left.

It is said that the best time of year to visit to see the falls flowing in full force is winter or spring. During the hotter months, water flow will be minimal except just after rains.

Turpin Falls
Turpin Falls

Driving to Turpins Falls

As the later part of the journey to Turpins Falls is via unpaved roads and the entrance road has a number of large potholes which could ruin your car, it would be a good idea to avoid going there after a rainy spell. Also, using a 4WD vehicle would be a good idea.

Caution About Visiting Turpins Falls

There have been stories of mishaps, injuries and deaths at Turpins Falls. Cliff diving at Turpins Falls is not recommended due to the shallow depth of water at the waterfalls.

Also, part of the walk down to the waterfall is a bit tricky to navigate. It’s best to wear shoes with good grip, eg. hiking boots.

At Turpins Falls

There is a look out point that is easily accessible, a short 1 to 2-minute walk from the carpark, where you get a vantage point of the waterfalls.

If you are equipped with good walking shoes, then going down to the base of the falls may be a good idea only if you do not have young children or elderly parents with you. There are no handrails at the steps down to the falls. Due to this, we did not attempt to walk all the way down, choosing to go not much further than the look out point.

Turpin Falls steps from carpark
Steps from carpark leading to Turpin Falls look out point
Turpin Falls steps
Initial part of the walk down
Turpin Falls steps
Walking back up again
Turpin Falls
How the ground looks like on part of the walking track

Be aware that there are NO facilities such as toilets, barbecues, etc available at Turpins Falls. It’s best to go prepared with food, drinks and to have a toilet stop before arrival at the waterfalls.

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