Storage Options to Consider


So you finally decided on a floor plan for your new house. If your builder is flexible and allows for minor changes to the plans, be aware that most Australian homes do not have storerooms, so that is one aspect you may wish to look into.

It is uncommon for single storey homes to have store rooms. However, double storey homes usually have storage space under the stairs.

Coming from Singapore where store rooms (or bomb shelters!) are common, you may find it useful to consider building extra built-in cupboards along hallways, in the garage, or wherever possible, so that you can increase the amount of storage space you have.

Common Storage Options in Australian Homes

The most common storage options in a quintessential Australian home are:

  • Linen cupboard to store linen
  • Laundry cupboard to storage cleaning detergents
  • Broom cupboard to store brooms and vacuum cleaners
  • Pantry in the kitchen to store food items
  • Large walk in robes for clothes and bulky items like suitcases
  • Store room under the stairs in a double storey home
  • Garage as a storeroom (cars are then parked on the driveway or along the street)
  • Shed in the backyard to store odds and ends.
  • Storage cage in the carpark (if you live in an apartment) in which you can store bicycles and other stuff.
  • Attic storage (not so common but the concept is catching on)

Ways to Incorporate a Storeroom

Here’s a floor plan which incorporates a store room next to the garage and a walk-in linen:

Here’s a floor plan by Porter Davis which incorporatesa store room under the stairs and a cloak room:

Source: Porter Davis Brookwater

If you have already built or bought your house and it does not have sufficient storage space, here are some ideas that you can explore:

21 storage solutions for your entire home

Disclaimer: Links to various suppliers or builders on this website are just for information/illustration purposes. ‘Life in Melbourne’ has no affiliations with any of these suppliers or builders. We do not expressly recommend that you purchase from these suppliers or engage these builders, and suggest that you perform your own research and due diligence.

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