Stages of House Construction 8: Completion


This is the stage where you would be busy checking and re-checking stuff, while trades people fit off little items and your site supervisor organises for little fixes to be done. But more often than not, completion stage and fixing stage feel pretty much one and the same stage as the lines between the 2 stages are blurred.

Plumbing: Installation of tap mixers, shower fittings, shower screens, and toilets if these were not completed during the fixing stage. The external downpipes and external taps are also fitted off.

Rendering: If there are any exterior sections of the house (usually the front façade) which are to be rendered, this is when it usually happens.


Electrical: All switch plates, power points and batten holders are fitted off. If you have opted for home automation, it is also completed at this stage.

Paths & Driveways: Generally this is the front path and driveway if these have been included in your building contract. Otherwise, you will have to organise your own tradesperson to complete this after handover. Your builder would not allow other trades person on his work site due to insurance issues, so it is unlikely that he would allow your tradesperson to work on-site before the house is handed over to you.

Carpentry Final Fix: Room doors, cabinet doors and drawers are fitted off, along with door and drawer handles.

Internal floor Finishes: Timber floating floors or carpets will be installed. This is usually done when the house has had a general, basic clean to get rid of dust.

Final Clean Up: This is when the builder is ready to leave the site. So all rubbish will be removed, the rubbish bin cleared and the exterior of the site will be cleared of debris. On the inside of the house, a builders clean will be organised. This is not super clean. It is merely a visual clean where surfaces are wiped. You wouldn’t be eating off the floor just yet!

Pre-Completion Inspection: This is a very important part of the stage. This is your final chance to inform the builder of what needs to be fixed. Usually the site supervisor will do a walk through with you, ticking off a checklist room by room. You will be given stickers to mark items that need fixing. Once the walk through has been completed, the site supervisor will pass you a document to sign off confirming what needs to be fixed. Be aware that the builder may fix further defects a few months after handover (it could be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, depending on what is specified in your contract.) but it will not include scuff marks and other wear and tear that resulted after you moved in.

Fix Up Inspection Issues: During this period, the site supervisor will organise various trades people to return to the site to rectify defects. It usually takes one to two weeks depending on how long the list of defects is.

Installation of Appliances: Appliances such as the oven, hob, rangehood, and the hot water service usually occurs on or after handover day. It is usually recommended that you arrange for this to be done after you have moved into the house as it is common for these to be stolen from unoccupied new houses.

Enjoy your new house! Let us know how you go!

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