Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food at Carnegie

Petaling Street Malaysian Restaurant

It is quite true that there are more Asian eateries in the East in general so we made our way to Carnegie one weekend to check the suburb out. There are many restaurants and cafes near the Carnegie Train Station and in the end, we settled on eating at Petaling Malaysian Hawker Food restaurant.

Inside of the cosy restaurant

Name: Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food

Location: 96 Koornang Road, Carnegie, VIC 3163


It wasn’t quite busy when we arrived past the usual lunch hour. The owner ushered us onto a table quickly and looking through the impressive menus, we decided on Chicken Rice and Mak Mak Mee Goreng.

Chicken Rice

The Chicken Rice set was first on the table. Presentation was excellent and the taste did not disappoint. The tangy chilli sauce is what usually elevates the dish and the restaurant got it right with the correct level of spice, ginger and vinegar.

Mak Mak Mee Goreng

While we were busy with the Chicken Rice, the Mak Mak Mee Goreng arrived with aplomb. There was a generous serving of chicken, vegetables and fishcakes. Though a tad oily, the noodles were fried well and it was on the whole a satisfying meal.

There are lots more on the menu to experience and we will certainly come back again.

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