Oma & Me Indonesian Restaurant in Williams Landing

Ikan Bakar

When the mood strikes for a down to earth Indonesian meal, there is one restaurant near the Williams Landing train station that you may want to visit.

Oma & Me
Oma & Me Indonesian Restaurant

Name: Oma & Me

Location: Unit 24A / 102 Overton Road, Williams Landing, VIC 3027


Oma & Me has been operating at the Williams Landing Shopping Centre for many years now. It was a refreshing change from the typical fish & chips shops and pizza shops that dot almost every major shopping area.

We remember being very excited when we first heard of its opening. The décor is classy and muted, with dark furniture that reminds of a Balinese resort. We have been regularly dining at Oma & Me and have come to appreciate the authentic dishes, especially their blend of sambal!

This time round, we returned yet again and opted for a whole fried fish (Ikan Bakar Rica) and a serve of clear chicken soup (Sop Ayam).

ikan bakar rica
Ikan Bakar Rica

First on the table was the Ikan Bakar Rica. It consisted of a whole fried fish accompanied by fried toufu and tempeh. The dish was well executed without the feel of oiliness. Paired with the secret fresh sambal, each mouthful of the tender fish was a delightful gastronomic experience.

Sop Ayam & Ikan Bakar
A delectable bowl of Sop Ayam

Next came the serve of Sop Ayam. The clear soup base belied the flavours that laid within. The various fresh vegetables paired well with the pieces of chicken and together with the fried fish and steamed rice, made for a very satisfying meal.

There are many other dishes in their wide menu which would entice you to visit again and again. Oma & Me is one of those hidden gems that does its dishes well, without fanfare or over the top decor.

If good Indonesian food is what matters to you, Oma & Me surely scores.

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