Good Korean Food in Laverton

korean food
mumchan korean restaurant
Rear entrance of Mumchan Korean Restaurant

Name: Mumchan Authentic Korean Food

Location: 1B Triholm Avenue, Laverton, Melbourne (near Aircraft Train Station on the Werribee Line)



Telephone: 03- 701 34592

Mumchan Korean Restaurant seating area
Inside seating area

Mumchan Korean Restaurant has been operating a number of years now. It is one of the go to places for us whenever we have the urge for authentic Korean food. We started dining there from the time it began business years back and have not once been disappointed.

Within the premises, there is a giant open view refrigerated shelving where condiments such as the different types of kimchi are kept for sale. Very interesting!

The restaurant offers a good selection of Soups, Noodles, Rice Sets and Specialty Dishes.

soft tofu stew
Soft Tofu Stew Soup

In our most recent visit, we opted for the Soft Tofu Stew Soup. The dish consists of pipi shells, soft tofu, egg and Enoki mushrooms in a marinara mix.

Presentation wise, it was served boiling hot (yes it was bubbling) in a metal bowl! Like they say, we eat with our eyes and this dish did not disappoint in the taste and visual departments. The sweetness of the pipi clams and umami from the mushrooms left our tongues in a good place! On a cold day, the comforting warmth of this soup would be most welcomed.

Condiments and rice that came with the soup

We ordered a serve of rice and tempura prawn to come with the soup. These and other condiments were served inside a bento box container. Very classy!

spicy pork bulgogi
Spicy Pork Bulgogi

The other main dish we just had to try again was the Spicy Pork Bulgogi (pork belly & neck slices stir fried with vegetables in spicy gochujang marinade). This dish was served sizzling hot on a metal plate with generous amounts of beanshoots. The tender pork pieces certainly went down well with rice and soup.

Should you find yourself in the area, do walk in and be surprised by the menu items. We recommend you also try the boneless Korean Fried Chicken (whole or half chicken in original flavour or in a range of sauces)!

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