Good Indian Food in Werribee

Menu from Bikanos Sweets and Curry Cafe

Cafe: Bikanos Sweets and Curry Cafe

Location: Shop 3/70 Watton Street, Werribee 3030 (directly opposite Coles Supermarket).

Telephone: 03-8742 6450

Mobile: 0410561085

With the opening of retail and to celebrate getting back a bit of our freedom that was taken away by COVID-19, we walked along Watton Street to take in the sights and it was glorious to see life breathed back into this city centre. People were seen strolling and sitting outside of cafes …. Just like the good old days of not too long ago.

While walking, we were peckish for Indian food and we chanced upon a rather nondescript little cafe called Bilkanos. It is a rather basic setup with no fancy interior decor. More importantly, we could see tables within already filled with customers … a good sign indeed!

Table service was prompt and we just as quickly decided on chicken briyani with raita, onion kulcha, masala dosa and a serve of mango lassi.

masala dosa
Masala Thosa

First to arrive was the Masala Thosa on a traditional round metal tray. A lentil curry with 2 other side condiments came with the dish. The two masala thosa pieces were crispy and filled with an acceptable amount of mildly spiced potatoes. It was enjoyable and certainly met the mark of what a good thosa should be.

onion kulcha
Onion Kulcha

The Onion Kulcha was next on our table. This side dish tasted as good as it looked. It reminded us of naan with generous amounts of added onions. Wonderfully fragrant with specks of burnt dough, every bite elicited a positive culinary response from our tastebuds.


chicken briyani
Chicken Briyani

The Chicken Briyani was the final dish to be served and it was worth waiting for. We chose the medium spicey version and it came out just great. Not entirely extreme spice lovers, we cannot enjoy dishes that are fiery hot that served just to nuke our tongues and bring out the sweats. This Chicken Briyani did none of that. The mild spices infused in the rice blended well with the boneless chicken pieces. We would prefer the dish to be less oily but that is just a minor distraction to the great dish that it is.

All in all, finding this little café was a stroke of luck and we were happy we made the effort to try it out. We are all for supporting the local mom-n-pop businesses during this challenging time of COVID-19.

Hey, don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the Trip Advisor link for reviews of this café by others.

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