Gold Leaf Restaurant Group

Gold Leaf

Singaporeans call it ‘Dim Sum’ while Melburnians called it ‘Yum Cha’. Either way, it’s the same thing and while there are several good options in Melbourne, our personal favourite is Gold Leaf Restaurant. There are a few Gold Leaf locations in Melbourne. We visited the Docklands branch.

Name: Gold Leaf Restaurant

Location: 10-11 Star Crescent, Docklands VIC 3008



Just like in Singapore, dim sum or yum cha is served by service staff pushing trolleys through the restaurant.

You simply tell the wait staff what you fancy on their carts and they will serve the items onto your table and mark the quantities on the piece of paper. At the end of the meal, you bring that piece of paper to the cashier to work out the final bill.

Here’s what we ate at Gold Leaf Restaurant. We must say that all the food options were yummy!

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